Do Multivitamins Cause Weight Gain?

Do Multivitamins Cause Weight Gain?

Anything that you consume is going to have an impact on your body in a positive or a negative manner; which is dependent on multiple factors. Every food that we consume carries with it some nutrients. Achieving the correct level of multivitamins, minerals, and trace elements for the body is a key in managing body weight. Whether it is weight gain or weight loss that you are targeting for you; the multivitamins do have an important role to play. Many times, it is seen that people attempting to lose weight fast take an overdose of vitamins to feel energetic and increase their exercise capacity. This might in fact be counterproductive. Only the correct level of nutrients will help in achieving the weight goals.

Weight gain or weight loss cannot be directly attributed to the consumption of vitamins as they do not have calories. They cannot be stored as fat and are not broken down to produce energy. But the multivitamins do have a role to play in body weight matters in an indirect manner.There are majorly four vitamins that support weight gain when combined with other nutrients and minerals.  One fact however remains that consuming the right food for the nutritional needs of the body and supporting the body with nutritional supplements to overcome or prevent deficiencies of essential nutrients is the right criteria for good health.

Let us now see which are the multivitamins for weight gain:

Vitamins that help in weight gain are Vitamin A, B, C and, D. Most weight gain supplements; weight gain capsules will contain these vitamins.

Vitamin A
This vitamin is needed for cell growth and it protects bodily organs. Combined with other nutrients, it helps in weight gain.

Vitamin B
Folate is a vitamin B that improves diet and also supports weight gain. With a balanced intake of B vitamins, the energy levels are improved along with the muscle tone. Utilizing the increased energy will prevent one from excess weight gain.

Vitamin C
This vitamin C might reduce or cause a slowdown in the metabolism function of the body. This might lead to a situation that supports weight gain.

Vitamin D
This crucial vitamin helps the body accumulate the needed fat which is necessary for a person to stay in good health. Calcium absorption into the bones is mainly dependent on vitamin D which increases the weight of bones as it strengthens them.


Weight gain supplements are popular amongst the masses. Check for the presence of the above-mentioned four vitamins in the weight gain capsules, tablets, or powders.

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